Supervised Therapist in Training offering Relational Gestalt Psychotherapy

Feeling anxious or dead inside?
Does your mind feel like spaghetti?
Do you experience gender dysphoria?

Using relational gestalt psychotherapy, we develop an open and authentic relationship that gently supports you, creating a safe container for experimentation and free expression.

I am a fourth year student at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto, in my practicum year. As a therapist in training, under the guidance of a supervisor, I am able to offer psychotherapy.

I practice relational gestalt psychotherapy, mainly because it was one of the few therapies that proved effective for me in my own work. This therapy differs from most others in that we try to escape the busy mind and become more aware of what’s happening in our own body and emotions. There’s no judgement of right or wrong on what you become aware of in that moment, it simply ‘is’.

Gestalt psychotherapy brings in some Zen-like philosophy, on being in each moment … and it also brings in some of the absurdity of Zen too ! 

There is a element of the anarchic in this style of psychotherapy; there are no rules on how to carry out therapy and each gestalt therapist works with their own flavour. We may work with creativity, exploration of our own truth, movement, sound, art, intuition, metaphors and aliveness (or the lack, thereof)!

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