Love and Valentine’s Day

The origins of Valentine’s Day is rather murky, with many different opinions in many different cultures. Today, in North America, Valentine’s Day has evolved into a commercial event where adults are spending on average $130 on gifts, and whole classrooms of schoolchildren exchange cards. This feels like a lot of pressure to me!

I would like to shift the discussion to simply, love itself. Sometimes Valentine’s Day is a day of sadness, for those that have lost someone that they deeply love. As a Spiritualist and a Medium, I know that our loved ones are not dead, but living in another realm. I have given and been the recipient of many messages from those on the higher side of life, where they speak of their continued love and support for those on the earth. Our loved ones tell us that they are around us and supporting us, that they follow our day to day trials and tribulations and offer support in the form of love and intuitive suggestions.

To connect to your loved ones, you can bring them them closer to  you by remembering the good times you had with them, remembering the love you hold for them. Consider taking time to talk to them, bake something they loved, write down what they taught you and how you are like them. If you wish, you can buy a bouquet of their favourite flowers that not only brightens up your home, but is a physical reminder of their presence in your life. All these actions act as an invitation to them to come closer, as they know you are thinking of them.

On this Valentine’s Day, I offer you the possibility that your loved ones that have passed over are still with you, and that their love is eternal.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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