Trans March & Our Allies

I have to share my truth, and it’s uncomfortable for me.
I am having a hard time with cis allies marching alongside trans & non-binary folks in the Trans March.

Yes, our allies are loving and supportive people who are giving support to the community with the best of intentions. And still, there’s a problem …

On the one day a year that both celebrates and acknowledges the struggles trans/nb folks have gone through, I am feeling unseen and invalidated.

I used to love the trans march as part of the Pride celebrations, but starting last year, I couldn’t find my trans/nb friends in the crowds marching. In previous years, supporters on the sidewalk would be offering supportive banners and clapping us joyfully on along the route. I couldn’t feel their love as much last year, as I was often on my own, looking for friends lost in the huge throng. I don’t know if I can do that all over again this year.

The dyke march has very few men in it, which is so important where there are so few dyke only spaces; supporters of the Dyke march cheer from the sidewalk. For me, this is what the Trans March needs a flavour of.

If you are marching with us as an ally, I prefer you identify yourself with a supportive banner or T-Shirt. If you haven’t been asked to be a trans/nb persons support, consider checking out with them if they want you in the March – they might prefer you support from the sidewalk.

I couldn’t voice my discomfort last year, and I have greatly struggled to voice my concerns this year. It’s way more complicated than the viewpoint of one person. We are a complex and diverse community with many voices, all of which need to be heard.

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