Holistic Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy

Do you feel confused, powerless to make change, anxious, stressed out?
Feeling alone, a hot mess, stuck in a pattern of thoughts and behaviours that aren’t working for you?
With the right support, you can break free of the past and change your future. By learning how to expand your awareness of your body and emotions, you can build your own toolbox of supports that help you step forwards into a happier, richer, life. With the right supports and trust developed over time, you can break free of past traumas and achieve lasting inner peace.

jck_bw_smile_smlWe develop an open and authentic relationship that gently supports you, creating a safe container for personal growth.

I work from a spiritual perspective grounded in the Buddhist philosophy of “beginners mind’ where I experience you with an open heart, free from judgement.

I believe everything happens for a reason, our challenges can be interpreted as being challenges for our greater growth and understanding. Your wisdom is already with you, I can help you to connect to your more authentic and empowered self.

A safe space for LGBTQ+ clients. Sex positive, kink & alternative lifestyles supportive.

I am a fifth year student at the Gestalt Institute of Toronto, in my practicum year. As a therapist in training, under the guidance of a supervisor, I am able to offer Gestalt psychotherapy,  In a session we may work with creativity, exploration of our own truth, bodily movement, making sound, building support, noticing each breath, creating art, using intuition, interpreting metaphors and slowing down to notice more about what’s really happening for us !

Best ways to reach me

Text or call: (647) 265-2540
Email: antoncorvus@icloud.com


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