About Me

I am a spiritually focused person, closely connected to nature. i am highly intuitive and empathetic, and believe their are no coincidences, only syncronicities. I believe each of us can follow their true path to happiness; at 50 years old I decided that I needed to transition from female to male; I relocated to Toronto to live my long dreamed of life as a gay man, and I am happily immersed in the queer community, which includes singing in a LGBTQ community choir and volunteer work.


I have been told that my character ‘texture’ is that of a woodland faerie, and that my gift is that of ‘beginners mind’, Jack Kornfield wrote “Through beginner’s mind we learn to see one another mindfully, free from views. Without views, we listen more deeply and see more clearly.” I am able to see, hear and feel you without judgement.

I have “dipped my toe” into the religions/philosophies of Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, Spiritualism, and Métis  spiritual traditions. I have read three Bibles – Gideon’s and both the Old and New Testaments. I have developed my own perspective on religion, what the Divine really is, and how we can become “enlightened.” That being said, I don’t feel the need to impose my beliefs on anyone else.

I operate from a holistic & spiritual perspective, preferring to work with you as a timeless spiritual being on a sacred journey of personal exploration, rather than the old-fashioned belief that you are ‘broken’ and need fixing.

As a trainee therapist in my practicum year, I offer relational gestalt psychotherapy under professional supervision.

I am trained in energy healing, am a naturally intuitive & empathic being. I have been offering Past Life Regression, advanced hypnosis sessions and holistic counselling since 2009. I have certification in hypnotherapy for childbirth, working with today’s children, past life regression, angel awareness, life between lives training. Since 2004 I have been taking Mediumship training in in Canada, the United States and online with the largest Spiritualist Organization in Britain, the Spiritualist National Union.


Canadian Association of Psychodynamic Therapy – Student Member, since 2018
Association for the Advancement of Gestalt Psychotherapy – Student Member, since 2018
National Guild of Hypnotists, since 2004  #19287