Cost of Services

Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Sessions

Advanced level hypnotherapy and past life journeying to quickly get to root causes and make change.

1 hour     $100
2 hours   $180

Two hours is recommended for all Past Life Regression journeys, and some hypnotherapy sessions. Mediumship and Reiki are one hour experiences.

Psychotherapy Sessions  – Relational Gestalt ( Supervised Trainee )

50 minute session     $80

Multi-Session Pre-Paid Discounts

I offer several ways that you can receive discounts for your sessions:

  • Multiple Session Purchase
    • Pre-pay for 3 sessions and receive 10% discount, a $30 saving
    • Pre-pay for 5 sessions and receive 15% discount, a $75 saving

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective

I am committed to affordable psychotherapy, and am a member of the Open Path Psychotherapy Collective, where we offer qualifying clients ,in-office psychotherapy sessions. If you are experiencing financial hardship you can register online, pay a lifetime membership fee of $49, then schedule an appointment with me at $40/h.


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