Holistic Counselling

With a more holistic way of doing therapy, you become free from the running on the hamster-wheel of repeating negative thoughts and re-opening of old wounds that many are doomed to repeat.

You learn to trust yourself and to be more present to life. You gradually learn to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, more able to integrate your ‘shadow’ self and gradually become more ‘whole’.

Keeping ourselves ‘out of the head’ and into feelings and sensations of the moment, helps us to access traumas that have been unknowingly held in the body-mind matrix; we may only be dimly aware of these traumas, but it is likely they are negatively effecting our day to day life.

Transpersonal, or Spiritual, Counselling is unlike conventional therapy; ‘trans’ literally means ‘beyond,’ and we work with you being beyond solely a physical being, instead treating you as an eternal spiritual entity that is having a human experience in order to experience challenges,to overcome them, and to grow.

This form of self-exploration is usually faster and more effective than conventional counselling techniques;  less talking is usually involved and use of sound and body may be incorporated into some sessions. Sometimes you may work with abstract picture cards to unlock information from your unconscious. We combine Gestalt Therapy with more spiritual Jungian aspects, such as archetypal influences, collective unconscious and dream analysis.

Cost of Services

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