Mediumship Sitting

‘Evidential Mediumship’, is the style of mediumship that is currently more prevalent in the UK. The aim of the medium in evidential mediumship is to provide unequivocal evidence of the proof of life after death. We learn to communicate more effectively with the other side, and then to bring a minimum of 7, to a maximum of around 20 solid pieces of evidence that prove to you, so you KNOW this is your beloved communicating with you. Examples might be a beloved cuckoo clock, a love for reading the bible, character traits, physical traits, significant life events and shared memories.

I intend to bring proof of life after death for a loved one that comes forward, and bring a message from them for you; ideally I will be able to transmit the love that they feel for you from the other side and directly to you. This is a very sacred and profound experience that I do not take lightly, and I feel is part of the reason I am on the earth at this time.

I know that life continues. I have received messages from loved ones that could only have come from them, and they brought me great peace. I hope to share this knowledge, this peace and their love.

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