Past Life Regression Ponderings

In my dozen years of doing past life regression, I have noticed that every single session is as individual as the clients fingerprint !

Although I use the same core method, that of creating a gentle altered state using hypnotic trance, each person is guided to experience what they need in that moment. I have had just as many clients who thoroughly experience one lifetime from beginning to end, as those who launch from one lifetime into another after another, after another !

Some of those clients see nothing except darkness, and yet they feel such a richness of emotion and boosted intuitive sense of  what’s happening, it feels so alive within them. A few clients have experienced what can only be described as a full-colour movie of their experience, along with sound, smells and sensations !

Many years ago now, I was working with a client to help him modify his thoughts to more positive patterns. However, after a few sessions, we saw less change than was anticipated, and we decided to use past life regression, targeting the root cause of the negative thinking patterns. Straight away he found himself in a previous lifetime where he was in a farmhouse, he was surprised to discover he was a mom to two, and was standing in the kitchen, loading wood into a big wood-fired oven. Hearing a noise outside, she could tell something was bothering the hens. Going out, it was dark and she made her way over to the henhouse. A critter had been there, probably a fox, there was a small hole in the fence. She blocked it up as best she could, in the pitch black. Standing up, she noticed a glow … the house was aflame ! Soon the house was engulfed in flames, and she couldn’t find a way back into the house. At this point he jumped forwards in time, to when the kids had perished in the fire, and she was feeling wracked with guilt, this lasted for the whole of the rest of her life. Back in this lifetime, it became clear to him that he had been holding onto that blame, and had been constantly afraid he was going to do something bad.

By re-experiencing that traumatic time, he was able to see that this was something from that previous lifetime, he felt a releasing taking place, like his body-knowing  had an ‘ah-ha!’ moment. From there onwards, the all-consuming feelings of negativity towards himself released their hold, and he could finally be at peace.

I’m not saying that this can happen for everyone, but for this gentleman, it profoundly changed his life for the better.

I’d love to hear some of your past life regression experiences !


Dreaming of Bee Man

I’m blogging to share dreams, pass on messages of hope that I receive, and to share insights – be they spiritual, philosophical or physical in nature.

Last night I had a dream that I was with a friend, and we were looking at this insurmountable mountain that had, what looked like chunks of concrete walls from previous civilizations poking out of its’ side.

Dream Chapter 2 – a huge backhoe has filled the side of the mountain with mud/sand, compressing it into the mountain, then forming steps – first up and to the right, then up and to the left, alternating on each floor, all the way up to the top of the mountain.

Dream Chapter 3 – After having climbed up the makeshift stairs, we found ourselves standing on grass and looking out over what looked like a cross between High Park and Welsh mountain tops, because off in the distance was a fenced off tennis court.

Dream Chapter 4 – Approaching the tennis court, a lone figure was standing, leaning backwards at an awkward angle. Getting closer, I noticed he had a huge nose. Standing next to him, he seemed to sigh, releasing his breath and taking a big gulp of air as he tilted his head back for a moment. He blinked his eye, which had a bee flying very close to his eyball. His left eye was squashed, partially closed by his huge nose outcrop – which was a bees’ nest. At that moment a bee left the nest, buzzed around just below the mans nose, and returned.Where the mans’ nose ended and the bee colony began was not clear to me.

How had this situation developed? Was it a symbiotic relationship that benefited all, or was someone suffering at the expense of another?

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