Past Life Regression

Explore previous lifetimes that you have experienced, in this personalized, two hour session. Achieve resolution of past life issues that were left unresolved; these can manifest as specific fears, relationship issues, physical manifestations and much more.

This two-hour experience is put onto CD for you to keep.

By discovering what you have done, you become more empowered, more the “true” you. You may experience:

  • Healing of past traumas, a releasing of the grip on you
  • Release fears or phobias
  • Feel a softening of the pressures of day to day living
  • A releasing of dis-comfort or outdated habits
  • Feeling more “whole”  experiencing the Truth that you are a spiritual being on a human journey.
  • An awareness of themes over several lifetimes 
  • Your latent talents

Many books have been written about past lives, some by psychics, such as Sylvia Browne, some by scientists and some by researchers. Studies have shown how children and adults alike have memories of data that was proven to have taken place.

The CBC carried out a study of people randomly chosen to experience past life regression, using researchers to check out dates, place names etc that came up. The final result was a show called, “Past Life Investigation,” where they took people to those places and recorded their emotional “reunion” with the past.

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