Benefits of a Past Life Regression Session

In a Past Life Regression session, we journey backwards in time/space, for you to experience a previous lifetime. The aim of your journey is individual to you; some folks want to get to the root cause of a repeating theme in their life, others to investigate a strange fear or phobia, some to resolve health issues or blocks in this life. There are infinite reasons for investigating the past, and each journey brings healing and empowerment in some manner.

Below are a few examples of how a Past Life Regression session can help you in this  lifetime:

  • You may receive a message of inspiration or guidance from your past life self, that can help you in this lifetime
  • You integrate the lessons of that past life, and become more self-empowered
  • Our past lives often have a theme, such as being a healer, teacher, a warrior – this embodied knowledge can help you to explore your chosen life direction today, and can steer you towards your life purpose
  • We journey with around another dozen souls, and you can learn who you have lived with before, gaining more of an understanding of your relationship
  • With the emotional and physical knowing of your previous lifetime(s) you can let go your fear of death
  • With the knowledge you’ve lived before, you can reduce your need to achieve and allow yourself to flow in the rhythm of the universe

Love and Valentine’s Day

The origins of Valentine’s Day is rather murky, with many different opinions in many different cultures. Today, in North America, Valentine’s Day has evolved into a commercial event where adults are spending on average $130 on gifts, and whole classrooms of schoolchildren exchange cards. This feels like a lot of pressure to me!

I would like to shift the discussion to simply, love itself. Sometimes Valentine’s Day is a day of sadness, for those that have lost someone that they deeply love. As a Spiritualist and a Medium, I know that our loved ones are not dead, but living in another realm. I have given and been the recipient of many messages from those on the higher side of life, where they speak of their continued love and support for those on the earth. Our loved ones tell us that they are around us and supporting us, that they follow our day to day trials and tribulations and offer support in the form of love and intuitive suggestions.

To connect to your loved ones, you can bring them them closer to  you by remembering the good times you had with them, remembering the love you hold for them. Consider taking time to talk to them, bake something they loved, write down what they taught you and how you are like them. If you wish, you can buy a bouquet of their favourite flowers that not only brightens up your home, but is a physical reminder of their presence in your life. All these actions act as an invitation to them to come closer, as they know you are thinking of them.

On this Valentine’s Day, I offer you the possibility that your loved ones that have passed over are still with you, and that their love is eternal.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Psychic Development

I believe that you are psychic, to be more clear, I believe all humans are psychic.

People that are strongly connected to the environment get a sense of impending storms and notice the subtle changing of the seasons, way in advance of most folks. We have become increasingly detached from our natural connection to the earth and other animals, especially those of us living in cities.

I read ‘Mutant Message Down Under’ many years ago, and I am getting to the end of the authors second book, ‘Mutant Message from Forever.’ To me, these books teach a little about the older traditions of spirituality and peaceful way of life of the aboriginal Australian folks. I am struck with their use of telepathy, intent, water divining, practices of gratitude, their practice of loving and honouring each person where they are at. As they teach their new group member how to learn many of these skills, it becomes evident that with correct guidance and dedicated practice, change and growth takes place. In my experience, this is also evident with our own psychic development.

Each of us has our own natural way of receiving psychic information, and no way is superior to any other –  we might see with our inner eye, or have a knowing sense, we might hear, smell, taste or feel information coming to us. Sometimes we receive information as a form of synchronicity, such as when we are thinking of a friend , and then they call.

I am now running psychic development classes in downtown Toronto Wednesday nights and Vaughan on Saturday evenings. Here we work with attunement using intuitively guided meditation, we also use different techniques to practice psychic development and developing our ability to notice the very subtle ways that we receive information. I end each session with everyone pulling a card from my treasure chest, asking for guidance in that moment or over the next week; you can see some of the cards in the photo above. Each person has the opportunity to gain awarenesses from their card in private, or to ask for assistance from myself or the group – I find it’s a lovely way to end the evening, and gives a good physical reminder of what we are being asked to look at.
If you’re interested, please check out my meetup group ‘Psychic Development – Downtown Toronto’

All my best wishes,


Anton Corvus
Past Life Regression Facilitator
Certified Master Hypnotist,
Holistic Counsellor,
Spiritualist Medium,