It was an overwhelming experience for me. Knowing that a recently passed loved one didn’t want me to blame myself anymore was jaw dropping! I left the session feeling lighter and happier than I had in years. I thank you Anton from the Bottom of my Heart! You are truly an amazing person. ♥ JK, … Continue reading JK, Barrie

JK, Barrie

Anton is a truly gifted medium. I had a life changing experience with him yesterday.I would try to describe it, but I definitely couldn’t do it justice. I still can’t believe what happened. My daughter Lenore and I are still asking each other if that really happened? It was truly one of the most positive … Continue reading CI, Muskoka

CI, Muskoka

It was wonderful. I had arrived home after being stranded on the highway for 2 hours. I had a splitting headache and thought I could try my new Healing White Light CD. I drifted into bliss within minutes… Every tight muscle in my body began to relax as I scanned my body. It took me … Continue reading AO, Muskoka- Guided Meditation CD

AO, Muskoka- Guided Meditation CD

I have had several sessions of hypnotherapy with Anton and have discovered very simple emotions, from the recent and distant past, that have kept me entangled, and held me in repetitive and destructive behaviour and responses. My most recent session, was to help me deal with sleeplessness, nightmares, irritability and anxiousness. Anton’s guiding questions helped … Continue reading CM, Gravenhurst

CM, Gravenhurst

I just wanted to thank you so much for all you did for me. If someone would of asked me if I would of quit smoking I probably wouldn’t of believed them. Anyway, I am doing great I haven’t had any cravings at all and no thoughts about going back. …………….. again thank you so … Continue reading TB, Severn Bridge

TB, Severn Bridge

Anton has been working with my daughter to learn how to be more comfortable in her own skin. After several years of bullying, my daughter didn’t believe in the majesty of her own spirit. Through working with Anton, my daughter is coming back to herself. To see the light and life back in her eyes … Continue reading SJ for K, Barrie

SJ for K, Barrie

Working with Anton has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I have had. I remember after our very first session coming home and my husband looking at me and asking how I felt. I recall that wonderful sense of calmness and the lightening of spirit which I hadn’t felt in a very long … Continue reading SJ, Barrie

SJ, Barrie

Anton has a great deal of knowledge and spiritual understanding. After a few sessions, I was able release emotional pain, which in turn brought clarity to my life purpose and an ability to see the glass half full again. He was able to give me a positive alternative for dealing with problems. I will be … Continue reading KD,  Barrie

KD,  Barrie

I’ve never had weight loss so simple. I just automatically say no. When I ask for the motivation,  – I automatically get up and do it – I don’t have to think about it!

RD, Muskoka

I’ve learned a lot about myself and about my journey.  I’ve tried so many routes to losing weight but this by far has been the most helpful and successful.

NG, Barrie

Seeing & working with Anton has been a blessing. He is truly gifted & inspiring. As a client, I considered his compassion & wisdom a most wonderful gift. He is one of most inspiring individuals I have met.

IR, Grey County

“This was my first formal regression, and although I meditate and go to spiritual events, this was a very fulfilling experience. I learned lessons I knew I hadn’t realized yet. Thank you.” “Knows his subject and presented it well – organized and professional. I had a good past life experience. Thank you.” “ His comfort … Continue reading Reviews from my workshop participants at the Edgar Cayce Canada National Conference, Kingston2008

Reviews from my workshop participants at the Edgar Cayce Canada National Conference, Kingston2008